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Welcome to The Marvel Family Web's Whos's Who in The Marvel Family. From here you can learn about all the different characters who have appeared in any Marvel Family-related title. The characters featured on this page are not the only characters who have been indexed to see a complete list or to look-up a character, please visit the Cast Search page!

The Marvel Family
Cap, Mary, and Junior made up the main fmaily members but there wouldn't be a Marvel Family without Shazam and who can forget the redoubtable Dudley?
Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel, Jr.Mary MarvelUncle MarvelShazam

The Lieutenant Marvels
The Lieutenants helped Cap on many occasions and in their secret identites they also shared the same name with that of their hero… Billy Batson!
Fat MarvelHill MarvelTall Marvel

Marvel Family Villains - Top Tier
The Marvel Family's most formidible foes are listed here!
Dr. SivanaMr. MindBlack AdamIbacKing KullCaptain NaziMr. AtomMr. BanjoSabbacSabbac IIThe Arson Fiend

Marvel Family Villains - Second Tier Villains
Not as powerful but equally as devious as the top tier villains.
Black AliceBlack BeautyThe Great Red BrainTheo HaggeMacro the GiantNiatpac LevramThe Mad MummyThe Queen of SpiesThe Red CrusherThe Red VultureRowdy SparkleThe Space GhoulTongThe Vampire Burglar

Fawcett Heroes
The cream of the super-hero crop!
Spy SmasherIbis the InvincibleGolden ArrowLance O'CaseyMaster ManBulleteer

Marvel Family Supporting Cast
Every hero needs familiar characters to play off of -- so here's the support!
Sterling MorrisMr.Tawky TawnyProfessor EdgewiseDexter KnoxDoc QuartzSunny SparkleTimmy TinkleBaby MarvelMiss Dalshaw

Fawcett Gag Fillers
The Gag Filler Stars did their job supporting the needs of the main character.
BoxcarBennyDizzyDaisyLazyLeeRubbernoseRandolphTightwadTadWilburtheWaiterHeadLineHarryCaptain KidCaramel CarterColonel CornDopeyDanny DeeKanvasbackKorny KobbJudge SmudgeDoc SorebonesTemperamental TebbinsBugsy the BoxerPringle the ProducerSaxton the SaxophonistSorley the Sword Swallower

This section is devoted to the various sundry characters who try to emulate, are inspired by, parody, or just plain take the name of the one, the only, the original Captain Marvel.
Captain MarblesCaptain Marvel IICaptain Thunder IICaptain Thunder IIISon-O'-GodFatman