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Marvel Family Villain
Alter Ego: Bah! I don't need an alter-ego!

Affiliations:The Monster Society of Evil
Pre-Crisis Affiliations:The Monster Society of Evil

Notable Powers:Over-whelming brain power to stuptify you ordinary humans. Ability to spin a cocoon.
New Version:
52 #51
52 #51
(Jun 2007)


Last Cataloged Appearance:
Final Crisis: Requiem #1

Final Crisis: Requiem #1
(Sep 2008)

Final Crisis: Requiem - Caretakers of Mars

DC Comics released, through a free mail-in offer, a special decoder card so that fans could decipher Mr. Mind's speech! Check out the decoder card!

Origin Mister Mind is heard for the first time!

Mister Mind hails from a worm-race born on a distant planet. Mind was born a mutant and posesses extraordinary mind powers (hence the name) and can control the minds of others as well as project his mind into other beings. Mr. Mind has poor eye-sight and thus wears glasses. He also uses a special amplifier (in the shape of an old-time radio) that he wears around his neck to communicate with human beigs. Because of his species and small size, Mr. Mind is often not afforded the respect due him and has on numerous occasions taken out his anger on Captain Marvel.

Mister Mind is a conqueror worm and has set his sight on world-domination. He has been beaten back by both Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family. Where will Mr. Mind hatch his next evil scheme...only Mr. Mind knows!


Mister Mind makes his first appearance. Mister Mind first troubled the inhabitants of Earth by forming a band of super-villains who had previously battled Captain Marvel singularly. This Monster Society of Evil boasted a membership of Dr. Sivana, Captain Nazi, Ibac, Mr. Banjo, Nippo as well as an alligator man.

Through a long, drawn out, 2 year battle, Captain Marvel faced his many nemesises and visited many locales as he tried to capture the dastardly Mr. Mind. Early on Captain Marvel discovered that the nefarious Mister Mind was, indeed, a worm! Near the end of Mister Mind's reign, he captured Billy Batson, drugged Billy with ether and was about about to fry the young boy with a radio's power cord when Billy woke up! Mister Mind..dead? Mind led Captain Marvel on chase through the city until a bug exterminator slowed Mind down with bug spray. Captured, Mister Mind was put to death in the electric chair for his crimes and murders. Unknown to his executioners, electricity simply put Mind into a state of suspened animation. Mr. Mind used his great mind powers to order a minion to create a stuffed version of himself. Mind, then, spun a web and placed himself in hibernation for twenty years.


Mister Mind returned from hiberation only to find that the good Captain and his family had also been in suspened animation for 20 years -- placed there by the evil Dr.Sivana! Revealing himself by retriving his glasses and amplifier from the stuffed worm in the museum, Mind started on his plot to destroy the United States. Captain Marvel caught the worm by turning the St. Louis arch into a giant tuning fork!

Cap even traveled back in time to and shared an adventure with the Golden-Age All-Star Squadron - this time battling the Earth-2 Superman!

Shortly thereafter, a cataclysmic, universal catastrophe called the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Cap joined the heroes from many earths to battle the evil Anti-Monitor - a being hellbent on destroying all the parallel universes and restarting the universe from scratch. Cap and the other heroes defeated the Anti-Monitor but not before the remaining earths were merged together. For the first time, Cap and his family lived on the same earth as Superman and Batman. But this union was not without its problems.


Tequila! Mister Mind makes a brief appearance. Mister Mind appeared at the bottom of a tequila bottle, that Dr. Sivana was drinking from, in a story that was removed from history during a short time when Captain Marvel had moved to San Francisco.

The Past Four Years

The new Mister Mind. A modernized Mr. Mind resurfaced in the DC Universe by taking over the mind of Billy Batson's Uncle Ebenezer while at the same time planning an invasion of Earth with Dr. Sivana. Mr. Mind's plan was to take control of the citizens of Fawcett City via mind control. Captain Marvel saved the day by freezing al the worms.

Billy and Mary's foster parent's hometown of Fairfield was leveled by the malevolent robot, Mr. Atom -- a pawn of Mr. Mind. Luckily for both Billy and Mary, their parents were away at the time. Mind also took control of Sarge Steel -- Mind's take over the White House!

Mr. Mind has
• 56 appearances
• 77 appearances including reprints
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