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Marvel Family Hero
Alter Ego:
Weight:175 lb.
Hair:Balding white with waist-length white beard.

Base of Operations:The Rock of Eternity

Notable Powers:(as The Champion)
Voldar: Strength
Lumiun: Wisdom
Arel: Speed
Ribalvei: Power
Elbiam: Courage
Marzosh: Stamina
First Appearance:
Whiz Comics #2
Whiz Comics #2
(Feb 1940)

[Introducing Captain Marvel]

First Earth-S Appearance:
Shazam! #1
Shazam! #1
(Feb 1973)

...In the Beginning...

Last Cataloged Appearance:
DC Comics Super Hero Collection #29

DC Comics Super Hero Collection #29
(Jun 2009)

The Players: Allies and Enemies

Shazam as the Champion!
When Shazam was a young boy, some 9000 years ago, he was chosen by six long-since forgotten gods to become their champion! The six gods: Voldar, Lumiun, Arel, Ribalvei, Elbiam, and Marsosh developed a magic code word formed from the first initial of their respective names. Whenever Shazam said the name, "Vlarem," he would instantly transform into the Champion and gain spectacular powers!
Shazam spent the next 3000 years battling evil but he grew weary and needed to choose a successor. Because the gods that he had relied on for his power had been long forgotten, Shazam petioned and choose gods, who would grant their powers to Shazam's successor. Shazam choose a worthy man named Teth-Adam. Adam merely had to speak Shazam's name and he was granted the powers of six Egyptian gods. But Adam's power soon corrupted him and he became less benevelant. Shazam renamed him, Black Adam but unable to strip him of his powers, Shazam banished Adam to the farthest star for his crimes.
Shazam welcomes Billy Batson!
Shazam once again waited to find a new successor. Unwilling to make the same mistake twice, Shazam decided to bestow his powers on a boy, much like what had happened to him. Ages past until Shazam discovered a boy worthy enough to be granted those mighty powers! Shazam choose young Billy Batson to receive the powers of six of the mightiest gods and mortals. When Billy Batson says the name "Shazam," he is transforned into an adult version of himself -- the world's mightiest mortal... Captain Marvel!
Billy had many adventures as Captain Marvel but was eventually trapped by the evil Dr. Sivana in a sphere of Suspendium. This Suspendium trapped Captain Marvel, his frieds, and the evil Sivanas in suspended animation for twenty years!
Shazam waited patiently for the Suspendium to wear off, so that Captain Marvel could regain his title as the champion of the world. It was revealed at his time that Shazam and the Marvels lived in a parellel universe to Superman, Batman and the other DC Universe heroes.


Shazam and the Quintessence!
A cataclysmic multi-universal crisis occured which merged the earths of Superman with Captain Marvel's and other heroes. It was during this time that Shazam and the Marvel's history was in flux. For a short time, while the newly formed universe was trying to realign itself, Billy Batson had a different set of parents, Shazam himself has a bit less caring and "Uncle" Dudley became Billy's real uncle!
This flux soon corrected itself and Shazam and his origin became similar to his pre-Crisis one. Shazam took up residence on the Rock of Eternity (a temporal spot in space/time) where he records the adventures of the Marvel Family.
Shazam has regained corporal form and for a brief time lived with Billy Batson so he he could regain an understanding of humanity. Sometime later Shazam gained godhood and joined Zeus, Ganthet, Highfather and the Phantom Stranger, and to form the Quintessence -- a group of all powerful beings who kept tabs on the order of the universe.
It seems that Shazam has gone back to the Rock of Eternity and still watches over his charges.
Shazam by Jerry Bingham
Shazam has
• 117 appearances
• 181 appearances including reprints
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