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Marvel Family Supporting Cast
Alter Ego:
Height:5' 2"
Weight:98 lb.

Base of Operations:Fawcett City

Notable Powers:Because he's so nice people give him presents
First Appearance:
Shazam! #2
Shazam! #2
(Apr 1973)

The Nicest Guy In The World

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Shazam! #26

Shazam! #26
(Dec 1976)

The Case of the Kidnapped Congress

Sunny Sparkle is known to all as "The Nicest Guy in the World!" There is just something about Sunny that makes people want to give him things. Sunny only takes the presents because he doesn't want to make people feel sad if he refuses and he always donates the gifts to charity. Sunny has a cousin named Rowdy Sparkle who is the exact opposite!
Sunny Sparkle has
• 6 appearances
• 13 appearances including reprints
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