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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jerry Ordway Re-Ups with DC; Working on Secret JSA Project!

DC Comics' Senior VP, Executive Editor Dan Didio announced some very cool Ordway-related news in his weekly DC Nation column that runs in the back of DC's super-hero related titles. Dan had this to say about DaOrdster...

Not all exclusives are new ones. Re-upping for another term at DC is longtime fan-favorite artist Jerry Ordway. Jerry, whose rich pencils and inks were last seen in the Earth-Two portions of INFINITE CRISIS, over the last several years has split time between working on projects for both the DC Universe and WildStorm. And while we love our cross-country cousins, I'm happy to say that Jerry's next work will be writing and drawing a secret JSA project for his longtime editor and friend Mike Carlin.
Well, that sounds intriguing. The JOW will bring you more info as it becomes available!