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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Jerry O Talks about the Marvel Family and JSA #23-25 at Wizard Universe

Head on over to Wizard Universe and read their interview with Jerry O!

Here are some highlights from the interview...

"As for the current state of the Marvels, I don't hate any of it. For Shazam to continue, it has to change somewhat to reflect current continuity."

"This story could have filled more than three issues, as it is very ambitious in scope. But it's goal is to help refocus the whole Shazam mythology, and as both Captain Marvel and Black Adam were JSA members, the JSA are not just "shoe-horned" into their own story. It's all very organic, the way the pieces fall into place."

Check out the full interview, here...
Page 1
Page 2


  • At 7:00 PM, February 10, 2009, Blogger Don Sparrow said…

    Great interview, thanks for the link. So glad to see Jerry continuing to add to the mythology he's already helped create.

    Speaking of links, Jerry's getting some pretty good press in one of New York's Hipster magazines, Patrol. He's mentioned pretty glowingly in this Year-in-Review Article by the author...whoever he is...


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