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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jerry Ordway and George Perez Reunite for INFINITE CRISIS!

According to an interview with George Perez at Newsarama.com, CATCHING UP WITH GEORGE PEREZ, Perez will reteam with inker Jerry Ordway for a 5-page scene in issue #2 of INFINITE CRISIS. Perez said:

“After I signed, they figured they’d take advantage of it, and asked me to do the alternate covers, and I’m also penciling five pages in issue #2 – a scene that recaps the history of the DC Universe in five pages, in order to give it that sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths feeling. The pages will be inked by Jerry Ordway, reuniting us for a little bit. Marv’s had his crack at Crisis, with the untold chapter, and the novelization, and now the art team gets back together for one last hurrah on the Crisis characters.”