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Adventures of Captain Marvel

The Return of Captain Marvel 12mm movie box - courtesy of Mark Luebker See the amazing feats of Captain Marvel! He flies like a bird! Bullets bounce off his body! He is the most awe-inspiring character ever seen on the screen! --- A one man blitzkrieg! Devoting the strength of his super-Herculean body to the task of destroying the power of a crazed scientist! --- The most powerful man in cartoonland becomes the strongest man on the screen! All others pale in the light of this human fortress who finds no barrier too great in his amazing fight for justice! --- Your eyes won't deceive you! You'll actually see Captain Marvel: ward off a machine gun barrage with his hands --- Hurl a 20-ton engine at his opponents --- lift a giant tree with one hand -- break through a wall of steel!

The Adventures of Captain Marvel was a movie serial released by Republic Pictures in 1941. It ran in weekly installments over a 12 week period. It is generally considered one of the most enduring and action filled serials of the genre. The Adventures of Captain Marvel starred Tom Tyler in the title role of Captain Marvel and Frank Coglan, Jr. as his alter ego, Billy Batson.

Here's a breakdown of the 12 chapters in the serial. Learn about the Malcolm Expedition, The Scorpion, and the terrible device discovered at the archeological dig!

So who starred in this magnificent serial? Check here for background on Tom Tyler, the king of the serials as well as Frank Coglan, Jr., Louise Currie, Nigel DeBrulier and the rest of the cast.

The photo gallery is an ever expanding page devoted to stills from the movie!

Special thanks to Mark Luebker for the scan of the Adventures of Captain Marvel Super8 mm movie box!

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