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Shazam! Cartoon
This is Billy Batson -- star reporter for station WIZZ TV. He has been picked by the aged wizard, Shazam, to carry on the wizard's lifelong crusade against crime and the forces of evil. When Billy speaks the wizard's name -- Shazam! Billy becomes Captain Marvel -- mighty champion!

Combining the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.

Billy's twin sister, Mary Batson, has also been granted special powers. When she speaks the name -- Shazam -- Mary Batson becomes Mary Marvel!

Blending the grace of Selena with the best qualities of other goddesses whose names combined form the word -- Shazam!

The third member of the mighty trio is their friend, lame newsboy Freddy Freeman. When he speaks the name of his idol -- Captain Marvel -- Freddy becomes the powerful Captain Marvel, Jr.

Together they are the Mighty Marvels -- dedicated to fighting the forces of evil throughout the universe.

The Shazam! cartoon was a companion show to Hero High as part of the Kid Superpower Hour with Shazam show that ran in the 1981 season.

Shazam!, as a cartoon, ran for 13 episodes.

So who starred in show? Check here for links to the various voice actors of the cartoon.

The photo gallery is an ever expanding page devoted to stills from the show!

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