Mr. Mind's Code
Mr. Mind Mister Mind's never-ending plot for global conquest always starts small. The world's wickedest worm is able to communicate with other worms using his Venusian language. Unfortunately for the Marvel Family, Mind's language is unintelligible to the average human. Fortunately, DC Comics took pity on its readers by exposing the nefarious worm's language via a secret decoder card.
Mister Mind Decoder Card Give-away Mister Mind's decoder card was a Power of Shazam! giveaway. By sending in a self-addressed stamped envelope to DC Comics, Mike Carlin would personally send you a decoder card. Sadly, the offer is over but you can see the card below!

Just in case you didn't want to bother decoding the Power of Shazam! issues where Mister Mind spoke in his own language, the Marvel Family Web has done it for you! Just scroll down the page!

Mr. Mind's Venusian Code from THE POWER OF SHAZAM! #13

Boy, Mr. Mind's a talkative annelid! Here's what he had to say!

Page Panel Dialogue
4 1 No-Too slow
2 My host has been transported away. Must re-establish contact, or all is lost. Wait.
3 You-stupid one. You will take me where I wish to go.
4 Oww! Watch it! I still ache from being stepped on by that girl.
7 2 This Marvel Family is starting to get on my nerves!
3 Ouch! Hey brainless! Come pick me up!
4 There, now run
5 That's it-Ditch this loser, brainless!
13 1 This is where my host was taken.
2 Curses! Let me down, stupid!
5 Quit yapping and take me to the elevators, "stoopid". Hey! You're shaking me loose.
14 3 Oooh, baby.
4 To the right, baby.
19 3 Drat. My host is sealed off from me.
4 Drastic times call for drastic measures...
20 3 But I will only need you a short time.

Mr. Mind's Venusian Code from THE POWER OF SHAZAM! #15

Mr. Mind really knows how to control a conversation! Here's what he had to say!

Page Panel Dialogue
6 2 Ah! At last nourishment!
3 Drat! It never fails!
4 It's going to wake up the old prune and here I am in another room!
7 1 Don't say anything stupid, you old bag of bones!
2 Ah -- within control range again.
19 4 Our calls have been answered -- at last he is with us.
20 3 Do not alarm him. It will be easier if he comes willingly.

Mr. Mind's Venusian Code from THE POWER OF SHAZAM! #18

Mr. Mind is very upset. Learn what he had to say in this issue!

Page Panel Dialogue
16 1 With my increased abilities - I must have a superior shell!
2 Forget those infernal Marvels. This old one possesses superior strength and wisdom!
17 2 Go ahead and fight me old man -- I'll turn your brain to mush!
4 Nooooo -- The Horror -- The Horror!