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Shazam! Cartoon


  1. Who's Who at the Zoo?
    Story by Fred Ladd • Teleplay by Dennis O'Flaherty
    Villain: Dr. Allirog
  2. Best Seller
    Story by Paul Dini
    Villains: Dr. Sivana and Mr. Mind
  3. The Incredible Shrinking City
    Story by Paul Dini
    Villain: Ibac
  4. Flight 601 has Vanished
    Story by Paul Dini
    Villain: Dr. Sivana
  5. A Little Something Extra
    Story by Paul Dini
    Villain: Black Adam
  6. Star Master and the Solar Mirror
    Story by Paul Dini
    Villain: Star Master
  7. Black Adam's Return
    Story by Dennis O'Flaherty
    Villain: Black Adam
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