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Adventures of Captain Marvel
Curse of the Scorpion - Chapter 1

The Beginning...
In a remote section of Siam near the Burmese border lies a desolate volcanic island which has for centuries been taboo to white men -- The Valley of Tombs!

To this realm of mystery, jealously guarded by native tribes unconquered since the dawn of time, has come the Malcolm Archeological Expedition to find the lost secret of the Scorpion Dynasty.

Captain Marvel and Shazam! Professor John Malcolm leads an expedition, into a remote section of Siam, near the Burmese border. His mission: to discover the secret of the Scorpion Dynasty. Accompanying him on this quest are Billy Batson, star reporter of radio station WHIZ, Betty Wallace -- Malcolm's secretary, Tal Chatali, Prof. Bentley, Prof. Lang, Carlyle.

Ramon Bar, leader of the local tribesmen threaten the expedition with the Curse of the Scorpion -- that no white man shall desecrate the Valley of Tombs. Tal Chatali meets with Ramon Bar to dispute his claim saying that Mount Scorpio would erupt if such a desecration were to occur.

Malcolm and his expedition make it to the Valley of Tombs and discover a tablet with a strange inscription. Tal Chatali translates it. Again it is a warning to leave the tomb alone. Both Billy Batson and Tal Chatali decide to that they'd rather not enter.

The expedition enter the tomb and discover a golden scorpion artifact. In each of the Scorpion's claws and tail is a lens. As the expedition align the lenses, the scorpion causes a mighty explosion trapping them in tomb.

In another area of the tomb, Billy Batson is led into a secret passage where he meets the mighty Shazam! Shazam bestows upon him the powers of Captain Marvel. When Billy speaks the name of the ancient wizard, he is transformed into Captain Marvel, world's mightiest mortal. Shazam explains Captain Marvel's mission: to protect the golden scorpion from the evil of men.

Shazam diappears and Captain Marvel is left to rescue the expedition. After moving the rock that trapped the expedition members, Captain Marvel changes back to Billy. The expedition members decide that each one will be entrusted with a lens so that the golden scorpion not fall into evil hands.

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