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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


From the Solicitation...

Superman... Captain Marvel... the Justice Society... all classic heroes, and no one does classic better than Jerry Ordway. With his keen sense of anatomy, proportion, and detail, he draws super-heroes that are powerful, noble... and heroic. What more could you want from an artist? Well, not only is he an artist of the highest caliber, he can write a great story while he's at it. The Adventures of Superman, The Power of Shazam!, The Avengers—all have been critically acclaimed for his scripting.In this latest volume of the Modern Masters series, Ordway’s life and career are spotlighted, as he discusses the work that’s made him a fan-favorite, complete with an extensive art gallery.

Also presented is a lavish color section, featuring more remarkable Ordway illustrations. One look at this volume, and you'll see that Jerry Ordway is a true Modern Master!

Don't miss out! Order yours now!

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  • At 6:55 PM, July 25, 2007, Blogger Mark said…

    Hey Jerry, been loving your commissions and am looking forward to Modern Masters. Are you going to be at Wizard World Chicago this year? I would love to get some info about getting a commission or sketch from you.

  • At 8:36 PM, August 06, 2007, Blogger Jerry Ordway said…

    Mark, I am not going to be attending the Wizardworld show this year, sorry. Hard to get time off to travel, though I always loved the Chicago show and the fans. I always felt that that was my "home base" you know? Best, JER

  • At 4:40 PM, October 16, 2007, Blogger Kyle Baker said…

    I just read this book last night, and I recommend it! I always like seeing yer art!

  • At 12:01 PM, December 29, 2007, Blogger Mike Mikulovsky said…

    Hi Jer Your awesome dude! Can't wait to see what's in store for 2008! Bring back the Power of Shazam or else!Best,Mike

  • At 8:21 AM, January 04, 2008, Blogger Projectra said…

    I just finished reading Modern Masters last week on my trip to California. It was excellent. I'm really glad Jerry was so forthright about the industry and what he likes and doesn't like about aspects of the work.

    I'm looking forward to many more years of seeing your art grace the pages of comics.

  • At 8:23 AM, January 04, 2008, Blogger Projectra said…

    I just read Modern Masters this week on my travels. Outstanding insight into one of the best artists in the industry. It was so refreshing to read honest responses. I hope we see a lot of Jerry's work in comics in 2008!

  • At 1:19 AM, January 19, 2008, Blogger Jerry Ordway said…

    Thanks for the nice comments on the book. I have followed and enjoyed your work over these many years as well.

    Thanks as well. I sometimes am known to speak my mind, but getting it out is the best therapy. I really bear no malice to anyone in the industry who I have worked for or with. Any anger passes eventually, and you chalk the bad experiences up to learning a lesson. Always best to move on:) Best,JER

  • At 10:27 AM, February 07, 2008, Blogger Bryan said…

    I just read this and loved it! It starts out better than a novel. I mean, delivered in the back of a car by two cops on Thanksgiving Day!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I'm a fan who was been introduced to your work relatively recently (in the last ten years or so), and have been attracted to it purely out of appreciation for great great art. Now I have a whole new understanding of your place in comic book history (and why people have HUGE stacks of books for you at conventions). And like projectra, your frankness in the interview really made it for me.
    So thanks.


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