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The Monster Society of Evil - Deluxe Limited Collector's Edition
(1989 Series)
The Monster Society of Evil - Deluxe Limited Collector's Edition #1
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Title Information:
Published by American Nostalgia Library
Published in United States
MFW ID: 72
Issues Published:
1 (Jan 1989)
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Title Notes:
Do you remember those long-gone candy store days of your youth? Do you remember with affection those great full color comic books that for a mere 10¢ could transport you into weird and wonderful worlds of romance and adventure?
Do you, we wonder, remember how young Billy Batson, boy newscaster at station WHIZ, would yell the magic word, 'SHAZAM'!, and be instantly changed by a magic lightning bolt into the one and only Captain Marvel, the World's Mightiest Mortal?
Back in the 40's Captain Marvel's comic book featured an amazing serial called 'THE MONSTER SOCIETY OF EVIL' that ran for no less than 25 issues (1943-1945) and now as a special treat for nostalgia lovers everywhere, this amazing comic book epic has been collected under one cover, reproduced in its original color and printed on high quality glossy art paper in a large format (10½" x 14") Deluxe Collector's Edition.
This Huge, 240 Page Full Color, Hard Bound Volume, comes complete in its own Gold Embossed, Red Leather-style Slipcase.
This Officially Licenced Edition has been limited to 3000 numbered copies.
Buying all the old comic books to collect this serial in individual parts could cost you around $2000 these days! No self-respecting collector will want this one missing from their bookselves!
As a gift to someone who loves the golden age of comics — it's a winner!
Don't forget – it's only a limited edition – when they're gone – they're gone! The book will never be available again.
From the indicia:

Introduction, layout and design
Copyright © 1989 American Nostalgia Library
An imprint of Hawk Books Limited.

SHAZAM is a trademark of DC Comics Inc.
and is used with permission.
The stories contained herein were originally
published in ‘Captain Marvel Adventures,’
No's 22-46 (1943-45).
This material Copyright © 1989 DC Comics Inc.
All rights reserved.

Published by the American Nostalgia Library
an imprint of
Suite 309, Canalot Studios,
222 Kensal Road,
London, W10 5BN,
Printed in Belgium.
ISBN 0 948248 07 6

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