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The Power of Shazam!
(1995 Series)
The Power of Shazam! #1
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Title Information:
Published by DC Comics
Published in United States
Issues Published:
1 - 47 (Mar 1995 - Mar 1999)
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Title Notes:
Just say the word... THE POWER OF SHAZAM!
Following his thunderous reintroduction to modern comics in Jerry Ordway's incredible POWER OF SHAZAM! graphic novel, one of the best-selling comic-book characters of all time returns in his own ongoing series. The one, true Captain Marvel takes his rightful place as one of the greatest heroes in the Dc Universe in THE POWER OF SHAZAM! Backed by the same creative power and vision he put forth in the graphic novel, Ordway returns to write Captain Marvel's ongoing adventures, aided by the crack art team of Peter Krause (METROPOLIS SCU) and Mike Manley (BATMAN). Ordway also supplies a painted cover for every issue, redered in the style of the graphic novel.
“We're going to explore Captain Marvel's return to the DC Universe from his home base of Fawcett City,” says editor Mike Carlin, who steered Superman's return to promience. “We'll reintroduce a lot of the characters from the original series with a slightly modern twist, just like we've been doing with the Superman books.”
In issue #1, even as Captain Marvel contends with the machinations of an urban terrorist, young Billy Batson begins to feel the awesome burden of responsibility in being the World's Mightiest Mortal.
-- DC Coming Comics, March, 1995
When Jerry Ordway finally delievered his long-awaited The POWER OF SHAZAM! graphic novel, fans both young and old knew that something special had happened. Something almost magical had been wrought between those colorful covers. Was it a bit of nostalgia? A remnant of a bygone, yet fondly remembered, era? Or was it just plain good comics, whose likes are not often present on today's racks? We'd like to think it was “all of the above.” And with that in mind, we turn our attention to DC Comics' THE POWER OF SHAZAM! #1. Captain Marvel, the superhero whose powers are derived from the utterance of the magic word SHAZAM!, is once again an integral member of DC Universe continuity, capable of taking part in crossovers...teaming up with the whole enchilada! Golden age and modern age fans alike will not be disappointed by this new series written by Jerry Ordway (who also supplies the covers for the series) and superbly illustrated by Peter Krause, the artist of DC's Metropolis SCU limited series. If you've got a soft spot in your heart for the “Big Red Cheese,” or you're just looking for a different take on super-heroes, then you won't go wrong with this GEM of the Month debut!
-- Previews, March, 1995
This checklist contains all Power of Shazam! issues including both the hardcover and softcover graphic novels.
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Walt Grogan

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