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Captain Marvel Adventures #122
Jul 1951 • Fawcett Publications • 10¢ • Comic Book • N/A
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1. Captain Marvel Battles the Atomic Fire (11 pages)
C. C. Beck
Pete Costanza

Captain races to stop an out-of-control forest fire. He means up with the mill and forest owner, John Jackson, who's convinced that Cap can stop the fire. Cap seeds the clouds with silver iodine to start a fire. Unfortunately, even the rain seems to burn! A Professor Kane shows up claiming the fire is an Atomic Fire. Kane and Jackson know each other because Kane offered his fire prevention plan to Jackson months earlier. Jackson had refused claiming it was too expensive. Jackson asks Kane if he can stop the atomic fire. Kane claims he can for a price. Kane gives Captain Marvel some foam to extingish the fire. Cap tries it but it fails. Since the fire is an Atomic fire it burns atoms and the whole world is made of atoms. Kane confesses that he started the Atomic fire so he could make money. Cap takes him to jail. Kane asks Cap what good it is to take him to jail when the whole world will be consumed by fire very shortly. Cap tells Kane that he's going to stop the fire. Kane just laughs. Cap flies to the site of the fire and digs a trench around the perimeter. He lifts it up and sends the burning mass off into space savinf the earth. Unfortunately, John Jackson's business is ruined because his entire forest was taken. Cap tells him not to worry as he has brought back enough iron to fill the hole.
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Reprinted in DC SPECIAL #18 - Nov 1975 (DC Comics)

2. Captain Marvel and the Uranium Rush (10 pages)
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