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Alter Ego #55
Dec 2005 • TwoMorrows • $6.95 • Magazine • 100 pgs.
On Sale Wednesday, December 7, 2005
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ALTER EGO #55 is a Special Fawcett and Christmas Issue! From a 4-Color Fawcett flow the Marvel Family, Bulletman, Captain Midnight, et al.! There’s flip cover paintings of the mighty Marvel Family by Awesome ALEX ROSS—and 1940s pin-up Veronica Lake as Liberty Belle! JACK and OTTO BINDER—legendary Golden Age writer-and-artist brothers—in a candid self-interview never before published, with rare art by C.C. BECK, BILL WARD, BOB McCAY, KURT SCHAFFENBERGER, et al.! Golden Age artists (and brothers-in-law!) KEN BALD and VIC DOWD interviewed by JIM AMASH about their years at Fawcett, Quality, and elsewhere! A special double-size FCA section with Fawcett artists MARC SWAYZE and EMILIO SQUEGLIO—TV’s “Isis” JOANNA PANG speaks!—Marvel Family Christmas stories—and Brazil’s Capitão Marvel! Plus: Comics-pro Christmas Card Art from REED CRANDALL—JOE SINNOTT—RUSS HEATH—JIM MOONEY—NICK CARDY—ESTEBAN MAROTO—and others! A Christmas Bonus: ALEX WRIGHT presents a brand new 1943 Pin-Up Calendar starring Mary Marvel, Wonder Woman, Bulletgirl, Phantom Lady, Hawkgirl, et al.—portrayed by your favorite movie femme fatales of World War II! Plus—ALEX TOTH—BILL SCHELLY intros a fabled 1966 panel about the Comics Code —MICHAEL T. GILBERT—and MORE!!

1. My First Shazam! Painting (1 page)

2. I Did Better on Bulletman Than I Did on Millie the Model: Golden Age Great KEN BALD on Drawing Comic Books, Comic Strips, and Lots More! (15 pages)

3. I Thought the Comic Books Would Never Last: VIC DOWD Relates What He Feels Is "The Typical Cartoonist's Story" (12 pages)

4. Comics Weren't My Main Goal in Life: Nevertheless Artist BOB BOYIJIAN Talks to Us About Life at Fawcett & The Jack Binder Shop (6 pages)

5. FCA #114 Cover (1 page)

6. We Didn't Know It Was the Golden Age (2 pages)

7. A Real-Life "Marvel Family": A 1973 Talk with Golden Age Artisans Jack & Otto Binder (10 pages)

8. The Plot Against Christmas (2 pages)

9. Super-Hero Sidekick: Joanna Pang of "Isis" (3 pages)

10. Captain Marvel in The Return of the Great Hero - Part 3 (2 pages)
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