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Alter Ego #46
Mar 2005 • TwoMorrows • $5.95 • Magazine • 100 pgs.
On Sale Wednesday, March 16, 2005
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ALTER EGO #46 is a special issue featuring the Very Best of the 1960s-70s ALTER EGO! Behind a full-color cover by BILL (SUB-MARINER) EVERETT and MARIE SEVERIN (featuring all of Wild Bill’s greatest creations), there’s a kaleidoscopic cornucopia of the best and brightest of the 1961-78 Alter Ego, most of it not seen in the 1997 “Best of A/E” book, and printed with lots of newly-discovered and different art! There’s “EVERETT ON EVERETT!”, the classic 1969-70 interview by ROY THOMAS with the creator of Sub-Mariner, Amazing-Man, Hydro-Man, The Fin, et al., about BILL EVERETT’s life and times from the early days of Marvel Comics #1 through his 1960s work on Daredevil, Dr. Strange, The Incredible Hulk, et al., with tons of rare vintage art by CARL BURGOS, PAUL GUSTAVSON, SIMON & KIRBY, and many others! Plus 1960s A/E gems by STEVE DITKO, E. NELSON BRIDWELL, Comics Code authority LEN DARVIN, JERRY BAILS, ROY THOMAS, etc.! LOU GLANZMAN, Golden Age artist of Amazing-Man, The Shark, Air Man, etc., interviewed by JIM AMASH, with exciting 1940s artwork! Special tributes to IRV NOVICK and CHRISTOPHER REEVE! FCA presents MARC SWAYZE, MARK LEWIS, and the final “Marvel Family” stories by OTTO BINDER, BILL SCHELLY on the earliest years of Alter Ego, MICHAEL T. GILBERT, ALEX TOTH, plus SURPRISE BONUS FEATURES!!

1. FCA #105 Cover (1 page)
Mark Lewis
P. C. Hamerlinck

2. We Didn't Know… It Was The Golden Age! (5 pages)
Marc Swayze
Marc Swayze
Marc Swayze
P. C. Hamerlinck

3. "One Man's In-Laws" Revisited: Otto Binder's Last Fawcett Synopses — Illustrated! (7 pages)
Roy Thomas
Otto O. Binder
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