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Alter Ego #21
Feb 2003 • TwoMorrows • $5.95 • Magazine • 104 pgs.
On Sale Wednesday, February 5, 2003
Alter Ego #21 Cover Credits
Roger Hill
Roger Hill
Item Solicitation
ALTER EGO #21 headlines THE IGER COMICS KINGDOM of the 1940s-50s and the Golden Age JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, with two fabulous full-color covers - DAVE STEVENS (Sheena) and IRWIN HASEN (the JSA)! Inside, the "shop" that created art and story for Quality, Fiction House, Fox, and many others is examined, with rare art and artifacts by WILL EISNER, LOU FINE, MURPHY ANDERSON, REED CRANDALL, MATT BAKER, MORT MESKIN, NICK CARDY, GEORGE EVANS, BOB KANE, GEORGE TUSKA, JACK KAMEN, and many others! There's a special "SHEENA" section with art by DAVE STEVENS, FRANK BRUNNER, and other fantastic "good girl" artists over the years! PLUS: ROY THOMAS on the JSA and ALL-STAR SQUADRON - featuring scarce art by GIL KANE, JACK KIRBY, ALEX TOTH, JERRY ORDWAY, RICH BUCKLER, MART NODELL, IRWIN HASEN, et al. - including still more UNSEEN ART from an unpublished 1946 All-Star Comics adventure! Also, MICHAEL T. GILBERT concludes the GARDNER FOX scrapbook, with plenty of rarely-seen art, plus there's FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) with C.C. BECK, MARC SWAYZE, WILL LIEBERSON, KURT SCHAFFENBERGER, and others!

1. FCA #80 Cover (1 page)
Story Notes

This cover is a photograph of Fawcett editor Will Lieberson

2. We Didn't Know... It Was The Golden Age! (3 pages)
Marc Swayze

In this issue, Marc touches on why he left comic books for good in 1956.

3. “It's What Goes into the Balloon That Counts”: Fawcett Executive Editor WILL LIEBERSON Remembered (2 pages)
P. C. Hamerlinck

4. Captain Marvel Jr.: The Post-War Years - Part III: Horror, Science-Fiction — And Human Interest (4 pages)
Don Ensign
P. C. Hamerlinck
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