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Alter Ego #11
Nov 2001 • TwoMorrows • $5.95 • Magazine • 100 pgs.
On Sale Thursday, November 15, 2001
Alter Ego #11 Cover Credits
Don Newton
Don Newton
Item Solicitation
This issue is a double Marvel issue spotlighting the Golden Age of Timely/Marvel -- and the real Captain Marvel! There are two great full-color covers -- Timely's Big Three (by Carl Burgos and Syd Shores), plus a great Captain Marvel painting by Don Newton! Great new interviews with Mickey Spillane (1940s Timely writer and creator of Mike Hammer), Vince Fago (artist and Timely's third editor-in-chief) and Syd Shores (1940s Captain America). Also includes rare vintage and unpublished art by Burgos, Shores, Bill Everett, Jack Kirby, Carl Pfeufer, Mike Sekowsky, Vince and Al Fago, Don Rico, and other Timely stars! Also, a double-sized FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) section featuring C.C. Beck, Marc Swayze, Don Newton, Alex Ross, and others! Plus, Magazine Enterprises -- the sequel! Scarce art from the 1940s-'50s by Bob Powell, Dick Ayers, Joe Certa, John Belfi, Fred Meagher, & Frank Bolle! Len Wein, Rich Buckler, Dick Giordano, and Roy Thomas on the birth of All-Star Squadron! Plus, M.T. Gilbert revisits Wally Wood -- Bill Schelly on early comics fandom!

1. FCA #70 Cover (1 page)
Don Newton
P. C. Hamerlinck
P. C. Hamerlinck

2. Fawcett-To-Go (1 page)
Jennifer T. Go
P. C. Hamerlinck
Story Notes

Jen alerts readers on the Fawcett Companion, Golden-Age Men of Mystery, Big Bang Comics, upcoming Captain Marvel action figures, Shazam on Stage, and various Marve Family web sites.

3. We Didn't Know… It Was The Golden Age! (3 pages)
Marc Swayze
P. C. Hamerlinck
Story Notes

Marc discusses the advent of his prolific output of artwork for Fawcett's romance comics.

4. Don Newton & Captain Marvel: A Match Made at the Rock of Eternity (7 pages)
Barry Keller (with Jay Willson)
Story Notes

This article discusses Don's passion for Captain Marvel and the many contributions he made to the character over the years.

5. Don Newton Talks with C.C. Beck (1 page)
C. C. Beck
Story Notes

C.C. Beck baits Don Newton in this highly amusing interview.

6. The Lost Fourth Issue of C.C. Beck's Fatman (4 pages)
Gary Brown
Story Notes

The history of Milson Publishing and its flagship character, Fatman, is revealed.
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