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Alter Ego #10
Sep 2001 • TwoMorrows • $5.95 • Magazine • N/A
On Sale Wednesday, September 19, 2001
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Alter Ego #10 focuses on The Flash and Green Lantern from the 1940s to 2001, plus Vin Sullivan's Magazine Enterprises, 1943-58! Behind two brand-new, full-color covers -- The Flash (yesterday and today) by Carmine Infantino and Terry Austin, and the heroes of M.E. by Dick Ayers. A rare 1966 interview with Carmine Infantino is presented (with unpublished 1940s Flash and Green Lantern art), plus the life and legends of John Broome! Learn “Who Created the Silver-Age Flash?” from Infantino, Robert Kanigher, Julius Schwartz, and Joe Kubert! There's unglimpsed interviews with M.E. creators Vin Sullivan, Dick Ayers, Fred Guardineer, and John Belfi!, Rare and unpublished art from the Golden and Silver Ages by Ayers, Kubert, Guardineer, Belfi, Bob Powell, Frank Bolle, Fred Meagher, Arthur Peddy, Frank Harry, Gil Kane, and others! Len Wein, Dick Giordano, Rich Buckler, and Roy Thomas on the All-Star Squadron! Plus, FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) with C.C. Beck, Marc Swayze, and others -- more about Wayne Boring by Michael T. Gilbert, Jerry De Fuccio, Bill Schelly on early fandom, and more!

1. FCA #69 Cover (1 page)
Dave Cockrum
Dave Cockrum

2. We Didn't Know… It Was The Golden Age! (4 pages)
Marc Swayze

Marc returns to the time he was illustrating and often writing Wow Comics' “Phantom Eagle,” continuing the narrative from his columns in Alter Ego, Vol. 3, 4-6. He also touches upon the genre that awaited him after Wow's cancellation with the Fall 1948 issue.

3. “I Wish I Could've Done More” - Artist Dave Cockrum's Short but Sweet Stint on Captain Marvel Jr. in Shazam! (3 pages)
P. C. Hamerlinck

4. Mr. Editor-Man, Tell Us a Story, Please? (1 page)
C. C. Beck

C.C. Beck, who held conservative views, was often highly critical of savage, cluttered art and of unnecessary violence used in comic books; and this essay from January 1979 is no exception.
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