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Fawcett Hero
Alter Ego:Prince Amentep
Weight:180 lb.

Base of Operations:An apartment in Fawcett City
The Rock of Eternity

Pre-Crisis Affiliations:Shazam's
Squadron of Justice

Notable Powers:
  • The mighty Ibistick
  • A keen mind
First Appearance:
Whiz Comics #2
Whiz Comics #2
(Feb 1940)

[Ibis The Invincible]

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Infinite Crisis #6

Infinite Crisis #6
(May 2006)

Ibis the Invincible's magic Ibistick has a fail-safe mechanism — if it falls into the wrong hands any command to do harm backfires on the user.
Ibis and Captain Marvel were the only characters featured in all 155 issues of Whiz Comics.


Ibis the Invincible keeps an eye out for trouble!
Ibis the Invincible was really Prince Amentep of 12th dynasty Egypt. Amentep and Egypt were plagued by the evil Black Pharaoh. Prince Amentep was charged with ridding the land of the Black Pharaoh's influence. Amentep's knowledge of Egyptian magic was no match for the Pharaoh and he was imprisoned — unable to protect his beautiful Princess Taia from the Black Pharaoh's romantic intentions. Agreeing and succeeding in a ritual to prove his bravery, a relative of Amentep rewarded him with the powerful Ibistick — a magic wand capable of almost any feat when used for good purposes. Amentep used the Ibistick to produce a sword and escape from his cell. He then readily dispatched the Black Pharaoh. Unfortunately, during the skirmish, Taia was struck by an enchanted arrow and slipped into a 4,000 year coma. Unable to cope with losing his princess, Amentep commanded the Ibistick to place himself in a coma only to be awakened when Taia's spell was to be lifted.

Four-thousand years later, Amentep and Taia's mummified corpses were on display in a major metropolitan museum. The museum guards gave Amentep the nick-name Ibis — from the sacred bird of Egypt. The spell finally lifted and Amentep used the Ibistick to raise Taia from her coma.


The Ibistick is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe!
Using his new name, Ibis the Invincible along with Taia decided to use the powerful Ibistick to combat the evil of the modern world. Ibis often fought mysterious and horrific creatures including ghouls, vampires, re-animated corpses and werewolves. As one of the most powerful beings in the Fawcett Universe, Ibis could command the Ibistick to do almost anything.

Originally the Ibistick had no weaknesses but over the course of its lifetime it became a bit less powerful and gained an ineffectiveness against other magic. This often forced Ibis to take a both a mental and physical role in combating the forces of evil along with the support of Taia.

Ibis and Taia join the DC Multiverse and team-up with the Justice League of America.
Ibis and Taia was placed into suspended animation and re-joined the Earth-S DC Universe with the other Fawcett heroes as Dr. Sivana's suspendium globe melted and released its prisoners.

Ibis, Spy Smasher, Bulletman and Mr. Scarlet teamed up as the newly formed Shazam's Squadron of Justice and joined both the Earth-One Justice League of America and Earth-Two Justice Society of America to battle King Kull's band of villains. This loosely-knit group of evil-doers included Blockbuster, the Penguin, Ibac, Queen Clea, Mr. Atom, Brainiac, The Weeper, The Earth-Two Joker, The Earth-Two Shade and Dr. Light. The heroes handily defeated the villains with a climatic battle between a spell-bound Superman battling Captain Marvel. Using the wisdom of Solomon, Captain Marvel freed Superman by changing back to Billy Batson and shocking Superman with the magic lightning of Zeus.


Ibis the Invincible makes his first post-Crisis appearance!
In the revised DC Universe, Ibis gained a new origin. When he was a baby he was saved from snake-bite by an Ibis while sleeping near the banks of the Nile. Years later when he was an adult and a prince of Egypt, he was granted the Ibistick by the Egyptian god Thoth. The powerful Ibistick allowed Ibis to rule his lands and provide peace and prosperity. Ibis grew bored and had the Ibistick to place both Taia and himself in suspended animation so that he could live in time period that offered more excitement.

Four thousand years later, in the year 1940, Ibis and Taia's sarcophaguses were on display in a Fawcett City museum. The wizard Shazam visited the museum on several occasions hoping to revive the mighty Ibis. During one of his visits, Shazam was successful and Ibis was revived. Ibis and the other Fawcett City heroes were enlisted in Shazam's battle against his daughter Blaze's evil. Blaze released the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man and it fell to the Fawcett City heroes to captured and imprison the Sins. Once this was accomplished, Shazam commanded Ibis to add a protective barrier around Fawcett City to protect it from further demonic influence. This barrier also slowed time in Fawcett City. Ibis placed himself in suspended animation after losing Taia.

Ibis joined the modern DC Universe when the Seven Deadly Enemies were once again freed. Mary Marvel revived Ibis using a spell given to her by Mr. Tawny. Ibis helped the Marvel Family and Bulletman recapture the Sins. Ibis also found Taia who had become a model in the 1940s.

Ibis was once again been mummified and placed in suspended animation by Taia to reverse the aging that occurred when Ibis saved the majority of the city of Fairfield after the robotic Mr. Atom blew itself up.

Tannarak displays the stolen Ibistick!
After the brief mummification, Ibis once again returned to the DC Universe. Ibis lost the Ibistick during an attack on DC's mystical heroes. The evil Tannarak and a band of mystical villains drugged a gathering of DC's mystical heroes and stole the mystical weapons and talismans of the heroes. It remains to be seen if the Ibistick can be used by anyone other than Ibis.

Where can I get the comics?

Ibis the Invincible appeared in Whiz Comics and six issues of his own magazine. In his DC stint, he appeared in Justice League of America as well as The Power of Shazam. Check out your local comic shop for the DC issues and check eBay for the rest.

Ibis the Invincible has
• 32 appearances
• 38 appearances including reprints
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