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Marvel Family Supporting Cast
Alter Ego:
Weight:12 lb. 4 oz.

Base of Operations:New York City
First Appearance:
Marvel Family #1
The Marvel Family #1
(Dec 1945)

The Marvel Family and Baby Marvel

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Marvel Family #1

The Marvel Family #1
(Dec 1945)

The Marvel Family and Baby Marvel
Baby Marvel's name is always bandied about whenever anyone write about the plethora of Marvels that sprung from the Marvel Family. Interestingly enough, Baby Marvel made one appearance and wasn't a true Marvel although the baby had a cute lightning bolt diaper.

The Mighty Captain Marvel is stymied by a new born baby!Baby Marvel was a infant abandoned on the doorstep of Billy Batson. When Billy, Freddy, and ol' Uncle Dudley were unable to appease the child's colic, they transformed into their respective super-powered selves (with the exception of the lovable old fraud, of course). But even the mighty Captain Marvel couldn't hush the wailing tyke.
Captain Marvel, Jr. and even ol' Uncle Marvel to help him quiet down the baby. Mary has the touch and quiets the baby down right away. She also names the baby, Baby Marvel. She has Cap and Uncle Marvel take the baby for a walk in the hopes that they will grow to love the baby enough to adopt it. Cap and Uncle Marvel are embarassed to be seen in public with the baby as they are both men. While in a park Cap and Uncle Marvel lose Baby Marvel and are heart-brokened. A police officer tells them that Blacky Bucher, a hood, may have taken Baby Marvel. With the help of the rest of the Marvel Family, they track down Blacky but find only the loot from Blacky's latest heist. Blacky explains that he never took Baby Marvel. The Marvels are heart-broken. Back at Billy's apartment, a knock on the door reveals the mother of the baby. She claims that she was sorry for abandoning it and is know willing to take care of it. Uncle Marvel presents her with a check for $1,000.00, the reward money for catching Blacky and returning the loot. Just as the mother is about to leave Baby Marvel says, "Goo! Goo! Shazam!" The Marvel Family laugh at that the first word of Baby Marvel comes from associating with them.
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