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Marvel Family Villain
Alter Ego:Lori Zechlin
Height:5' 4"
Weight:96 lb.

Base of Operations:Dayton, Ohio

Notable Powers:The ability to manifest the magical powers of other mystical heroes and villains
First Appearance:
Birds of Prey #76
Birds of Prey #76
(Jan 2005)

Hero Hunters - Part One: Teenage Wasteland

Last Cataloged Appearance:
Day of Vengeance #6

Day of Vengeance #6
(Nov 2005)

Chapter Six: The Death of Magic

Black Alice is not a true Marvel Family villain, she simply can manifest Marvel Family-like abilities by siphoning the power of Shazam. Black Alice is really high-school teenager Lori Zechlin who has the ability to draw on the magical powers of other mystical beings such as Doctor Fate, Zatanna and the magic-based powers of the Marvel Family.
Lori's mother was driven to suicide by a drug addiction. Lori used her powers as Black Alice to murder anyone she thought was a criminal. She was eventually apprehended by the Birds of Prey (Oracle, Black Canary, and the Huntress) and delivered over to Dr. Fate who was charged with helping her control her powers.
Black Alice
Black Alice has
• 3 appearances
• 3 appearances including reprints
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