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Red and Yellow - The Color of Captain Marvel's Uniform
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Flash Comics #1 - MockWhile Bill Parker was coming up with the heroic concepts for Whiz Comics, artist C.C. Beck was hard at work designing Captain Marvel's distinctive uniform. After finishing it off and gaining approval from the Fawcett executives, Beck drew Cap's first story.

After Beck and the other artists were finished with their art boards and the letterers dutifully and artfully lettered in the script, the boards were sent to the printers for publication. The story goes that no color direction was given to the printer and that the color separator decided on Captain Marvel's color scheme. What an amazing piece of detail to be left to chance, yet the separator came through and defined the colors of Cap's uniform.

Shazam! Fun Fact Text
Although artist C.C. Beck designed Captain Marvel's distinctive uniform, he left the choice of color scheme to the color seperator.

Imagine what could have happened had Fawcett not jumped through hoops on their way to Captain Marvel!