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Cataloging Captain Marvel's Scientific Abilities: Walking Through Walls!
Saturday, October 04, 2008
Dr. Sivana's great scientific mind was able to come up with a way to walk through walls and escape capture.

Using the wisdom of Solomon, Captain Marvel was quickly able to deduce the formula and he added the same ability to his growing repertoire. What's interesting about this ability is that it was scientific, or pseudo-scientific in nature. Although magic has always been associated with Captain Marvel then was more than a fair amount of pseudo-science in his stories whether it came from Dr. Sivana or, in this case, from Cap's knowledge gained from Solomon.
The Fawcett writers, apparently, didn't want this ability to be used as a crutch for either Dr. Sivana or Captain Marvel. By story's end, Billy explains the danger in using the formula. Sivana was able to calculate the timing of the electrons and atoms in a wall then, somehow, time his atoms so that they would pass between those in the wall. Unfortunately, a slight amount of his substance would be left behind each time he utilized his formula. Apparently, though not explicitly stated, the same danger would be applied to Cap's usage of it.

Still, it's an interesting ability and one which was used, at least, once more. By giving Captain Marvel this talent, it was another power that separated him from Superman.

Shazam! Fun Fact Text

After watching Dr. Sivana escape by walking through a solid granite wall, Captain Marvel used the wisdom of Solomon to figure out how to do it himself! Suddenly, Cap was stepping through walls, too!

This little-known and under-utlilized ability was used in a couple of stories before it was forgotten — but it was a power that Superman didn't share!

Captain Marvel walked through a wall for the first time in Whiz Comics #14 (Mar 1941)