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Billy Batson - Pint-sized Adventurer
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
As cool as Captain Marvel was, the unsung hero of Whiz Comics and later, Captain Marvel Adventures, was undoubtedly Billy Batson, boy newscaster. The preteen Batson was often sent on dangerous missions by his W.H.I.Z. radio station boss, Sterling Morris! Morris seemed unconcerned about sending the young lad abroad and into hazardous locales.

While every kid wished that they could shout, "Shazam!," and turn into the mighty Captain Marvel, I'm sure that there were more than a few who wished they could have adventures like Billy!

Shazam! Fun Fact Text
One of the more interesting aspects of Billy Batson's character was his inherent spunk!

And it didn't hurt that his boss, Sterling Morris, had no problem sending Billy into harm's way — often without any backup!

It was perhaps this adventure-filled spirit of Billy's that drew fans to his adventures!

Even though Captain Marvel was the super-hero draw that got readers to buy Whiz Comics, it can be argued that Billy was the star of the series!

Billy Batson flew to Greenland in Whiz Comics #7 (Aug 1940)