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Gangway for… Captain Thunder?
Thursday, September 04, 2008
Captain ThunderWith the main concepts of the new hero finally, captured — Bill Parker named his new hero Captain Thunder. Artist C.C. Beck came up with a lightning bolt emblazoned costume and the character was ready to make his debut.

But Fawcett executives thought that the Captain Thunder name might be off putting to their readers so the search was on for a new name. In retrospect, one can only wonder how things might have been different had Fawcett kept the name Captain Thunder!

Meanwhile, the same executives also had trouble coming up with a title for the comic book Captain Whateverhewasgoingtobecalled was going to debut in.

Shazam! Fun Fact Text
Bill Parker named his new creation after the sound that would accompany young newsboy Billy Batson's transformation into the wise and powerful mortal super-hero… Captain Thunder!

Even though the Captain Thunder name hung on while Fawcett's new super-hero was still in development, he didn't reach the newsstands with that name!

According to The Steranko History of Comics, Vol. 2 — Fawcett executives wanted a name "less clamerous and uninviting."

So the search was on for a new name for Fawcett's flagship character, but time was running out!